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10 super fun facts about my new song, "Part Of Me!"

Hey Folks, Long time no see! Get it? Because I literally can't see you (this is the internet after-all, that'd be creepy)!

Anyways, I am really thankful to all of you for listening to my new song release this week, so I wanted to share 10 super fun facts about this song with you to celebrate all this hard work coming to fruition. :)

10 Fun Facts About "Part Of Me"

1) I wrote it 5 years ago as a relationship of mine was ending; then used it as my submission to get into Berklee College of Music. I was accepted into the program (talk about making lemonade outta lemons)!

2) I initially wrote it in a lower key, and at a much slower BPM. I raised both to add energy to the song (don't want to put y'all to sleep).

3) I had to change one of the lyrics so that they didn't sound like an innuendo (if you're reading and curious, reply to this and I'll tell you which ones I changed!)

4) I used the final release of this song as part of my final project at Berklee to graduate! My classmate Phil Melton and I, reproduced/rerecorded/reengineered the entire song to give it more life and professionalism. I now have my Bachelors Degree (and a happy mom), woohoo!

5) I have an entirely separate music video and recording of the original version of this song hidden away... hehe.

6) This song was written to celebrate love even after a relationship ends. You don't have to be in a relationship with someone to love them or appreciate who they are, sometimes the shoe just does not fit (watch out Cinderella)!

7) This music video was taken after exactly 1 hour of sleep (but it made me look moodier, so I am not upset about it).

8) I wrote this song in 10 minutes at 4am. It was very cathartic and still applies to acceptance and letting go of things in my current day to day life.

9) I used to listen to primarily indie/pop and folk music, which is why this song fits the genre "Americana." Now a days, I tend to write with more of a pop/jazz/r&b influence!

10) This music video debuted TODAY, and you can check it out using the link below. :)

Thanks for reading, see you (but not actually ;) next week!

- Brit

Weekly Dad Joke:

"My wife is really mad at the fact that I have no sense of direction. So I packed up my stuff and right!"

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