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Guess Who's Back

Guess who's back, back again! *hint* not Eminem.

Hey friends!

For those of you who followed my previous blog posts, thank you for sticking around. :)

For those of you who are new here, go ahead and subscribe here to keep up to date on all my musical rantings!

No one: Me: What should you expect in future blog posts? Great question!

Moving forward, I am going to make weekly posts about my new musical projects (the process, client interactions, the lessons learned, fun facts, etc) as well as more technical dissections of popular songs and/or music gear!

If you have any specific topics or songs you'd like me to go over, well then... I have no choice in the matter, you have my email. Just kidding! Please let me know in my inbox, and I will go over that at some point (if it's appropriate & all that, yada yada).

I look forward to getting down and nerdy with you all! Which reminds me... don't think I forgot about including a dad joke at the end of every post!

w love, Brittany

Weekly Dad Joke: "Dad, did you get a haircut?"

"No, I got them all cut!"

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