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MiniFuse2 Launch

Seattle-based Brittany Rogers is an artist whose creative output can be defined in many ways. Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer; whatever form her art might take, she’s on a mission to seamlessly blend emotive expression with technical detail.

It’s this eye for detail and creative adaptability that brought MiniFuse into her music-making flow; we went behind the scenes on an intimate acoustic performance to see her setup in action.


For a Greater Purpose

Like most of today’s creatives, Rogers embraces the multi-faceted nature of what she does. Writing songs simply doesn’t cut it; it’s your job to conceptualize, produce, polish, and promote your content. For Rogers, they’re all pieces of the puzzle, and all part of the fun.

I am obsessed with all the tiny details that encompass music creation. I find a lot of joy in the process, whether it be the recording, producing, mixing or mastering. Even the more challenging parts for me like marketing or video editing, I still feel excited to learn, because I know it’s for a greater overall purpose.

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