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About Brittany

Brittany Rogers is a versatile vocalist, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist dedicated to empowering others through her diverse musical roles. Her journey began with a love for singing, evolving as she sought to master the tools necessary to tell compelling stories through music. A graduate of Berklee and the Blackbird Academy, Brittany has created original compositions for Amazon TV, Jacquire King's "The K Club," and esteemed audio companies like Arturia and Universal Audio. She continues to produce her own original music, blending her passion and expertise to inspire and connect with audiences.

Brittany Rogers

Original Music
Written | Produced | Mixed | Mastered
by Brittany Rogers

Few States Away

Written, Mixed, Mastered, Performed

by Brittany Rogers

Arturia hired Brittany Rogers to perform an original acoustic song to showcase the abilities of their newest interface, the MiniFuse. 

In My Dreams

Written, Mixed, Mastered, Produced, Performed

by Brittany Rogers

Written originally for Arturia's MiniFuse showcase, Brittany Rogers transformed this original song into a dance routine with Seattle dancer, Ariel Vardy. Through one month of practice, 5am-8am every morning, they wrote the choreography and performed this sequence for In My Dreams the music video. 

Linger On (Avery's Song)

Written, Mixed, Mastered, Produced, Performed,

by Brittany Rogers. Co-produced by Josh Wildhorn.

This song is dedicated to the memory of Avery Taylor.

Part Of Me - Brittany Rogers

Written, Mixed, Mastered, Produced, Performed, and Written

by Brittany Rogers. Co-mixed/produced by Phil & Kevin Melton. Music Video by Kyle Olthoff. 

That Girl - Brittany Rogers, Jeannie Rak

Please enjoy this Justin Timberlake cover, performed by Seattle artists Jeannie Rak and Brittany Rogers! Mix, Mastered, and Produced by Brittany Rogers.

Victor Wooten

“There is only one reason that you ever fail at anything... and that is because you eventually change your mind. That's it! Anything and everything you have ever decided to do, you have succeeded, or will succeed, at doing.”


November 7th, 2022, Jazz Alley, backup vocals for Victor Wooten


Nashville, TN, USA

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