A Walk

December 21, 2018


burnt out, time to walk the dog.
all needs before my own.
round the clock, never stoP.

there's construction on my path, though i take it everyday;
nothing detRimental, just changes to be made.

rain drains the sky, slips down the bridgE of my nose;
i look up and laugh, i guess i awoke.

deep breath aS if the rising of my chest is an expansion of time.
it smells like fall- when did the seasons changE- was i present at all?

the wind blows it's cold breath on wet strands of hair,
the dog sNiffs, i pause;
standing in appreciation of moments spared.

press shuffle on my instrumental playlist as i walk,
closing my eyes, and with sight fades the Clock.

disappearing slowly into daydreams, I am weightless on a cloud;

every step feels effortless, Even the rain sighs out loud.

in this place i rest, but am simultaneously alive.
maybe the secret is truly, we only have a journey, never to arrive. 

- Brittany

Joke of the Week:

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Cause 7 8 9
But why did 7 eat 9? They needed 3 squared meals a day!

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