December 11, 2018


I fall in love with moments.

Moments between the hours that define our reality.


I fall in love with time that does not exist,

with joy, that hasn't been felt,

with the feeling of weight that hasn't yet been lifted.


I fall in love with people,

both their fragility and their resilience.

With their chaos and artistic composure,

with the yearning in their absence and 

the bleakness of their company.


But mostly, I fall in love with life. 

Everyday making the same conscious decision

to give life the benefit of the doubt,

that her intentions are pure

and her burden lay upon the width of my small shoulders,

not so that I may be crushed,

but so that I may grow in strength to ground my feet

firmly into the dirt in which I stand-

For the mud that stains my boots is the same

as the soil which nourishes the life giving plants that surround me.


These are the things I fall in love with and which have broken my heart many a’ times;

but for the tears through which I mourn,

the liquid drops that part my smiling lips,

never will I regret that in which I gave my heart. 

For I can not love the whole, without loving all it’s parts.

- Brittany


Dad Joke of the Day:


Why did Mozart get rid of his chickens? Because they ran around screaming “Bach! Bach! Bach!”

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