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June 19, 2018


Hey everyone!


I wanted to say thank you so much to anyone who has subscribed and taken the time to read my blogs. I love your replies and the dad jokes you send, (the dad in me honors the dad in you) ((I think that's what they say in yoga...)) 

Anyways, I wanted to give you guys something to keep coming back for (as I can imagine a bunch of philosophical blogs will get kinda boring after a while), and a way to make this more organized now that I am getting the swing of posting daily! 

Here is what you can expect: 

- Mull It Over Mondays: On Monday's, I want to post research based blogs (like I did on sleep studies last week). Something interesting and fun to read about. Feel free to tell me subjects you'd like me to research!


- Tell Me More Tuesdays: On this day I will share one of my favorite adventures or stories of the week. Whether that be some sort of competition I enter, experiences at Krav, or trips I go on. 


- Wordful Wednesdays: I will share with you a new handwritten poem every Wednesday. This will challenge me creatively, and I always welcome feedback! 


- Thoughtful Thursdays: The philosophical rambling blog had to fit in somewhere! This is for all of you guys who, like me, never turn off your brain and like to read/write about humanity. Please feel free to add to these topics I share, and also shoot me any ideas if you have any! I will shout you out if I use it! 

- Friendly Friday: This one is my FAVORITE. I am going to interview random friends and people for Friday blogs. I think the best philosophical ponderings  can be worked out with more than one head. I want to pick your guys' brains and hear what interests or excites you! If you have interest in being one of these people, please let me know. 


- Short Story Saturday: So I am unfamiliar with the world of short stories if I am being honest, but I wanted an alliteration and I love being pushed creatively. So.. bare with me on this one!


- Sum it Up Sunday: This will be a short one, Sunday's I want to dedicate to expressing gratitude and inviting good energy into my life for the following week. So on Sunday's, I will say 10 things (big or small) that I am grateful for. 

AND OF COURSE, there will always be dad jokes :D.



Daily Dad Joke #18:  


If you wear cowboy clothes, are you ranch dressing?





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