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June 16, 2018



So over the past year or so is when I truly started taking my music career seriously. Only one year of shows, of releasing songs, of working so hard to grow instrumentally and vocally- in this time I have learned some things I feel worth sharing (and a lot not worth sharing, I’ll spare you those 😂):

- You cannot measure your success by how others are doing- I mean you can try (I sure have) but it will only lead to early hair loss and tears 😛. A few reasons why this method doesn’t work: 1) people are never as happy as they seem- that’s right, we are all flawed and manage to get chocolate stains on our foreheads from time to time (oh, just me? Ok).


2) even if someone is doing as well as they seem, does it really help to be overwhelmed by the place you are not at yet? Take notes, be inspired but do not let someone else’s light dim your potential. I am a firm believer that we can only acknowledge in others what we already possess in ourselves, we just need to tap into it.

- A lot of people will tell you that you suck. Sometimes you WILL suck. That’s ok, it’s part of the process. Natural talent is nothing without practice and I have learned first hand you can go from no talent to making your own music and learning those damn instruments- that’s the story I’ve lived! It’s not too late. You can start from zero. Just takes heart.

- You will play for no one. That’s right. You will get booked at a venue and no one will show sometimes. In fact, this happened to me tonight. I had family and friends and no house draw. It’s very disheartening and leaves much room for self doubt. But other days you may sing for 10,000 and everything in between. This isn’t the norm, and it happens to the best of us, but it is on these nights you get to discover why you do music. I had one of my favorite shows tonight laughing and singing with friends. I wasn’t just alive, I got to participate. What a rare thing these days.

Thank you for reading as always!! Much love.

- xo, Brittany

Daily Dad Joke #14:

What shoes do fish where?

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